The Educational Policy Institute, Inc., (EPI) is an international organization dedicated to the study of educational opportunity. EPI was formed in 2002 by Dr. Watson Scott Swail, an internationally-known researcher, to fulfill a need for more rigorous educational research and to create better linkages between research and public policy. In 2002, we created the Educational Policy Institute to inform policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders on issues related to education and educational opportunity and equity. Over the years, we have conducted policy and evaluation work for such organizations as the US Department of Education, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and school districts and colleges and universities around the United States and Canada. EPI's extensive work in the area of student retention has resulted in our creation of SwailLandis, an EPI subsidiary dedicated to improving practice at postsecondary institutions. Our development of special tools to help support faculty and staff in the development of new policies and practices to encourage students to stay on campus is an important example of this work. And our conferences and workshops in this area allow us to work directly with these individuals in hopes of making direct, positive change.


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