ISRA Pre-Test
Are you satisfied with your institution’s service with respect to student success? Do you do enough? Can you do more, or do better? The following is a pre-test for use by you or your leadership team before you embark on the ISRA. This pre-test is quick and simple; therefore, it is also neither a comprehensive nor complete assessment of your institution. It is only an indicator for you to make some quick judgments upon.

For each of the sections below, rate the items based on how satisfied you are with current practice and progress at your institution. Although we can always “do better” in institutional practice, try and be realistic in your answers. For instance, answer “not satisfied” if you clearly understand that this is an area that isn’t done well at your institution (or at least well enough). Answer “somewhat satisfied” if your institution is doing something about this but still has a way to go. And answer “very satisfied” if you believe your institution is doing significant things, even if you understand that more can be done.
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   Not Satisfied   Somewhat Satisfied   Very Satisfied 
1. Institutional Context
a. Committed Leadership
b. Committed Faculty/Staff
c. Clear Expectations and Direction
d. Support to Work Toward Goals
2. Recruitment and Admissions
a. Student Recruitment
b. Admissions Processes
c. Orientation
3. Financial Aid
a. Training/Counseling
b. Grants/Scholarships
c. Loans
d. Assistantships/Work Study
4. Student Services
a. Campus Climate
b. Accessibility/Transportation
c. Housing
d. Counseling
5. Academic Services
a. Academic Advising
b. Supplementary Instruction
c. Tutoring/Mentoring
d. Research Opportunities
e. Pre-College Programs
f. Bridging Programs
6. Teaching & Learning
a. Curricula Review & Revision
b. Instructional Strategies
c. Assessment Strategies
d. Faculty Development/Resources

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